New post on Iran and US Foreign Policy

Over at Mideast Matrix, I posted on the recent explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility and set it within the larger context of Obama foreign policy.


2 Comments to “New post on Iran and US Foreign Policy”

  1. II find the term “lighter footprint” when it includes drone attacks and various destructive forms of covert operations to be rather Orwellian. Yes, they seem to be very effective, but they do have other consequences, some unforeseen. Our aid to the mujhadeen in Afghanistan in the 1980s was also a highly effective “light footprint.”

  2. Betty – I largely agree. I was trying to get at that, perhaps not as clearly:

    “I am skeptical such efforts will be perceived by others as “quiet,” but they do look (or get framed as) less belligerent than the conventional invasion of another country.”

    Part of what has happened is Obama gets more leeway because Bush was so over-the-top. That said, Obama’s approach is quite consistent with the United States during the Cold War. But the central point for me, as you suggest, is that military moves “have other consequences, some unforeseen.” Today’s “lighter footprint” – especially if defined broadly – may very well be the trigger for tomorrow’s catastrophe.

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