Why is Israel in trouble?

The articles on Israel’s troubles are proliferating. “Is Israel Over?” asked Benny Morris, the Israeli historian. The Wall Street Journal, among others, assessed Israel’s problems with Egypt and Turkey. (subscription) (NYT article) And this mess is all before the Palestinian push at the UN.

One challenge is that Israel’s alliance and public relations troubles are taken as confirmation of two rival explanations:

1. Israeli policy, especially on the Palestine issue, caused Egypt and Turkey to turn against Israel.

2. The world, including many in Egypt and Turkey, hate Israel, no matter what Israel does. (Thus, tinkering with Israeli policy or pressing Israel to make concessions is useless).

When Egyptians storm the Israeli embassy, those who adhere to #1 say, see, we should have had real negotiations with the Palestinians to pre-empt or undermine such protests. Proponents of #2 look and see a country Israel supposedly has been at peace with attacking diplomatic personnel, a big no-no. The Arabs will never accept us, they think.

So policymakers and people who support #1 or #2 both walk away from recent events thinking their argument has been further confirmed. That is not a recipe for bold thinking to get out of the current morass.



3 Responses to “Why is Israel in trouble?”

  1. Israel’s troubles are of its own making as a result of its status as “an Undeclared Terrorist State”! … Megalomaniac Zionism if unrestrained is likely to spell the total self-destruction of intransigent Radical Zionist Entity. The World does not suscribe to the noton of Racist Zionism with the self-serving ‘chosen people complex’ and the War Criminal Leadership of Israel destroyed to its great detriment 600 years of Turkish goodwill and helping hand to Jewish people in one barbaric act when the IDF thugs assasinated nine unarmed Turkish Activists in International Waters. Furthermore the Radical Zionist State sealed its fate and drew the biggest nail yet to its own coffin by its unabashed persistence to refuse to apologize. The toy country of Israel with only half the population of Istanbul surviving on US taxpayer’s hand-outs cannot go on indefinitely in a lake of hatred where more than 300 Million people would like to urinate in its direction!


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