Obama and the Jewish Vote

Politico asked a range of observers and participants: Is President Obama’s Jewish Support Slipping?

Nine of the respondents were identified as Democrats, including former politicians. Eight of those nine said Obama would be fine with the Jewish vote in 2012. Only one, Jeff Smith, said it depends on the other candidate.

Two of the respondents were identified as Republicans. They both felt the GOP would get a larger share of the Jewish vote, or at least had a good shot at doing so.

Where you stand is where you sit.

The Democrats (with the tagline Politico supplied):

Ryan Rudominer Former National Press Secretary, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. David A. Harris President and CEO, National Jewish Democratic Council. Christine Pelosi Attorney, author and Democratic activist. Jonathan Prince Democratic consultant and former State Department official. Ted Kaufman Former senator (D-Del.). Michael Arcuri Former congressman (D-N.Y.). Steve Murphy Democratic consultant; Managing Partner at Murphy Vogel Askew Reilly. Jeff Smith Former Missouri state senator (D); political science professor. Josh Nanberg Democratic strategist.

The Republicans:

Matthew Brooks Exec. Dir., Republican Jewish Coalition. Ford O’Connell Republican consultant and chairman of CivicForumPAC.

(One could also dig deeper in the full bios to categorize all the others.)


One Comment to “Obama and the Jewish Vote”

  1. I believe there will be some slippage in the Jewish vote for Obama unless the Republicans make the mistake of choosing a social conservative (Bachman, Santorum….) in which case Obama will not need the 2008 level of Jewish vote anyway. However, I do believe that Pres Obama is at risk of losing Jewish voter enthusiasm which generated volunteers and financial support (esp in the general election after Hillary was no longer a candidate.)

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